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All in One Mining Solution

take control of your mining farm for more efficient mining

Desktop Based
Easy to Start
Flash GPU
Modify GPU

Desktop Based

We offer an easy mining experience with the desktop based mining OS even if you are a beginner level miner.

Linux Mining OS
Mining Dashboard

Easy to Start

Just turn on your rig and type your email address that you used to signup into the email changer at your initial start.

Flash GPU

You can use the GPU Flasher to import/export bios rom file in a few steps.

Linux Mining OS
Mining Dashboard

Modify GPU

With the help of PolarisBiosEditor, you can modify the rom file of GPU in a few clicks.

Up-to-date Miners

it's builded for all the needs of a mining farm

Avermore v1.4.1
Bminer v10.1.0
Ccminer-djm34 v0.0.2
Ccminer-dumax v0.9.3
Ccminer-klaust v8.21
Ccminer-tpruvot v2.5.5
Claymore ETH v11.9
Claymore XMR v11.2
Claymore ZEC v12.6
CryptoDredge v0.8.3
CuBalloon v1.0.0
EthMiner v0.16.0.dev1
EWBF Zcash v0.3.4b
EWBF Equihash v0.5
lolMiner v0.41
Nevermore v0.2.3
OptiminerZcash v1.7.0
Sgminer-djm34 v5.5.4-gm
Tdxminer v0.2.2.2
T-Rex Miner v0.5.7
Xmr-stak v2.4.8
Xmrig-amd v2.7.3-beta
Xmrig-nvidia v2.7.0-beta
Z-Enemy v1.16